Quality Control

Quality Control

Lab-Testing and Expert Accompanying

Paskovich company conducts rigorous lab testing in authorized labs both by the Israeli Ministry of Health and by the European Union. All of the products undergo a strict procedure of testing required by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Veterinarian service prior to the containers’ arrival to the country and they receive the required authorizations prior to their marketing. At the logistics center and the packaging factory of Paskovich, the company maintains a tight supervision of expert authorities by the Ministry of Health veterinarians and according to the requirements of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture, accompanying the arrival of the products into the warehouses and distribution of the products to the selling points. All of the products meet the strict provisions of the organization “The Green Tag”, under the professional guidelines of the Green Tag’s experts. All of Paskovich’s products undergo a freezing procedure called IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) to preserve the nutritional value, the flavors, and textures in the most optimal way possible.



ל המוצרים עומדים בכללי הפיקוח המחמירים של ארגון "התג הירוק", תחת ההנחיות המקצועיות של מומחי התג הירוק.


Supply Chain

Paskovich company maintains a strict procedure throughout the cold supply chain that includes transportation, cooling, and storage in -18° temperature with advanced technological cooling controls. The products are cut, packaged and stored, all while maintaining perfect temperature conditions. Then, they are shipped in a container and arrive at the company’s warehouses. The distribution takes place using authorized vehicles for cooled transportation until arrival to the selling points.


Choosing the Suppliers

Paskovich works with authorized suppliers and factories by the Israeli ministry of health and ministry of agriculture. All of the factories are authorized to export into Europe and the U.S.