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Paskovich Barbounia Fillet, Fried in a Crispy Coating,
over a bed of Tomatoes and Peppers
Kashrut of the Recipe: Parve
 Recipe recommended for: 4 portions

The method of cooking that is recommended for Barbounia Fillet:
In a skillet, deep frying, baking


2 packages of Paskovich Barbounia Fillet

Juice of half a lemon

salt, ground black pepper

¼ cup of olive oil

1 cup of corn flour (polenta)

Tomato and Pepper Salsa:

2 tomatoes, cut into small cubes

2 yellow peppers, cut into small cubes

½ hot pepper, finely chopped

1 small clove of garlic, chopped

2 tbsp. of olive oil

2 tsp. white wine vinegar

½ tsp. salt

pinch of sugar

pinch of black pepper

¼ cup of coriander, chopped


Method of preparation:

1. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon onto the Barbounia and lay them on a  sieve.

2. Heat the skillet, toast the corn flour for a moment and place it into a bowl,  into which you add the Barbounia fish, and coat them on all sides.

3. Combine the ingredients of the salsa in a bowl and place to one side.

4. Heat the skillet with ¼ cup of olive oil, until the oil sizzles.

5. Fry the Barbounia for about a minute on each side, and place them  on absorbent paper to dry them and absorb any excess oil.

Serving suggestion:

Place 2 full tbsp. salsa in the center of the plate.

Place 3 fillets onto the salsa bed.

Sprinkle olive oil around the plate and onto the pieces of fish.

קישור לדף מוצר

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