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Fish Tips and Advice

Tips & and Advice for the Preparation of Fish

Where can you get Paskovich Frozen Fish and Meat Products?
Haim Paskovich & Sons Ltd. market nationwide to the largest retail chains in Israel, to hotels, functions halls, restaurants, butchers, catering companies and public institutions.

The freezers in the marketing chains are full of different products. How can I check the quality of the product?
How can one be sure that the product purchased is of high quality and delicious? It is best to check the country of origin, the details of the importer, and to ensure that the product underwent a proper system of refrigeration (at a temperature of minus 18 degrees) during the entire importation and marketing procedure, and at the point of sale itself. Meat products - make it a point to purchase unprocessed meats that are imported under veterinary supervision and authorization of the Ministry of Health. Fish products - visually examine the product and its packaging. Purchase only products that have been imported by authorized importers, under supervision of the Ministry of Health.
How does Paskovich concern itself with the quality of the frozen products?
Importing from select producers only, a proper chain of refrigeration from the moment that the product is frozen until it is marketed to the consumer, veterinary supervision and stringent examination - all of these ensure that the quality of the products is uncompromisingly superior. For more information

There are so many types of fish in the freezers at the marketing chains. How can one choose fish that is fresh and of high quality?
With regard to frozen fish, it is important to check the expiration date. The appearance of the frozen fish is quite significant. If you see pieces stuck together in a lump and squashed inside the packaging, it is likely that the fish was accidentally defrosted in the store - therefore it is preferable not to buy it. It is important to choose fish that are separate inside the bag, or in a vacuum-pack, and you can see that the piece is whole and sits nicely on its tray.

The fish I purchased has a strong fishy odor. Does this mean it’s spoiled?
In many instances, frozen fish has a “fishy” smell after it has defrosted. All that you need to do is soak it in lemon juice for thirty minutes - and the smell will disappear. The smell doesn’t stem from any actual problem, but from the fact that the fish was closed inside the bag.
I cant stand the smell of fish that ‘sticks’ to my hands during the preparation process. How can I get rid of it?
There are two methods by which you can remove the smell of fish from your hands after cooking:
1.Wash your hands in lemon juice: this is the natural and effective method.
2.Wash your hands with bleach. This method is efficient, but not healthy for the skin of your hands. Also, it is important to remember to rinse your hands well before you touch any food.

Filleting the fish - how to separate and skin the fillet from the fish?
Utensils required: a flexible filleting knife, a wide cutting board, tweezers or pliers for fish bones (a small, curved pliers, or wide tweezers that are used only for fish). The procedure to fillet fish is identical for almost any fish you will select:
a.Lay the fish on its side and cut along the length of the fishbone (on the back) from head to tail.
b.Cut along the width of the fish between the gills and the body of the fish.
c.Using a flexible knife, peel the flesh of the fillet from the chest bones of the fish.
d.Remove the small bones that have remained inside the fillet. Between removing each and every bone it is recommended to rinse the tweezers in a glass of water.
e.Turn the fish over and repeat the same procedure on the other side (the remaining fishbone and head can be kept to prepare fish broth).
How to prepare fish broth?
Fish broth is used as a liquid for cooking, and has a more highly-developed flavor than water. Many chefs prefer to use ‘broth’ rather than water when preparing dishes, soups and sauces.
Instructions for preparing fish broth:
1 kg. fish bones
2 coarsely sliced onions
2 carrots, peeled and coarsely sliced
2 celery stalks 2 bay leaves
2 seeds of allspice
1 sprig of thyme
2 liters of water
Place all of the ingredients together in a large pot, bring it to a boil, and lower the heat. Cook for about 20 minutes, turn off the heat and sieve the fish bones and vegetables.

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