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Quality Control

Fish products: How to preserve the quality of the products?

The Haim Paskovich & Sons Ltd. company believes that Quality has Flavor, and for this reason they are stringent about a number of factors in the importation and marketing procedures, which ensure the quality of their products and preservation of the wonderful flavor.

Refrigeration and Transportation
Frozen fish and meat products are damaged and lose their quality if they are not kept at a temperature of minus 18 degrees from the moment they are frozen until the product is defrosted prior to being eaten. At Paskovich we ensure and guarantee that, from the moment the goods are produced and frozen abroad, a controlled process will be implemented to maintain the proper temperature, until the product will be marketed at the point of sale. Accordingly, refrigeration control using advanced technologies are implemented in the Company’s refrigerated rooms and in all of the transport trucks.

Quality Control, Laboratory Testing and Veterinary Supervision

Every frozen product that arrives in Israel undergoes laboratory testing for the purpose of Ministry of Health approval, approval from the Ministry of Agriculture and approval from the Chief Veterinarian. Every frozen product coming into Israel from abroad (fish and meat) are examined initially at the port of entry (Ashdod and Haifa) and undergo veterinary examination and laboratory testing in accordance with requirements and product type. Only after the products have been found to meet the standard are they transferred to the Logistical Center for the purpose of marketing. At the Logistical Center they once again undergo laboratory testing, additional to testing by the Ministries of Health and Agriculture, to ensure the quality of the goods. Moreover, there is ongoing supervision by the Veterinary Supervisor during the entire length of the process that the products undergo, from the moment they reach the Logistics Center and until the goods are distributed to the stores and marketed to the consumer.

Selection of suppliers

At Paskovich we import only from factories that are approved by the Israeli Ministries of Health and Agriculture; factories which have approval to export their products to countries in Europe and the United States.

All products meet the stringent supervisory regulations of the “Tag Yarok” organization, under the professional guidance of “Tag Yarok” experts.

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